Possibilities of application of heat pumps for heating of residential buildings

Thermal energy obtained by the heat pump we can hand over to the outer space with the help of the following types of heating installations:

  • Floor heating
  • Wall heating
  • Fan Convector (fen coil)
  • Radiator heating
  • Duct systems
  • Domestic water heating

Advantages of underfloor and wall heating and cooling!

Using the wall and floor heating and cooling, air temperature will be uniform, thanks to the pleasant heat radiation wall and floor surfaces. This method of heating and cooling frees the walls of radiators and other heaters, which places emphasis on the aesthetic decoration, imagination and spontaneity in the creation of living space. Wall and floor heating leads to the increase of heating surface. This allows the lowering of temperature and more efficient use of heat pumps.

Floor heating

Plastic tubes are placed in the floor through which the hot water flows. Water temperature does not exceed 35 Celsius and temperature of the floor is 27 Celsius . This form of heating has the most effective heat transfer coefficient. If the system is properly designed for heating with heat pump coefficient of utility can be up to 6 times the electricity consumed. In addition this kind of installations provide an opportunity for air conditioning during the summer.

The appearance of underfloor heating

Wall heating

This method of heating is similar to floor heating, with the difference that the tubes are set inside walls. This application is recommended for wall heating in new and existing buildings in which we want to achieve high efficiency, and also provide air-conditioning possibility.

Izgled cevne instalacije zidnog grejanja


The fan convector (fan coil)

They are the perfect form of convector with a fan built into the casing, which runs air through the heat exchanger.

Application: in houses, restaurants, hotels and office spaces.

This type of heat transfer is characterized by good heating effect, to regulate the temperature individually for eachroom, silent operation, stylish design that fits into all interiors.

Fan convectors when working with a heat pump achieved good performance (coefficient of utility can be four times the electricity consumed), and provide opportunities for air conditioning during the summer.


fen kojler zidni sa klimatizacijomThe fan convector (fan coil) parapet
(provides an opportunity for air conditioning)


plafonski fen kojler sa klimatizacijom
Ceiling fan coil design
 (also provides an opportunity for air conditioning)

Central heating with radiators

Previously there was no option to install heat pumps in central heating systems with radiators. Regarding improvements in technology nowadays it's absolutely possible, even on temperatures of 55°C, to achieve power efficiency with efficiency-ratio of 4 (production of thermal energy is 4 times higher than invested electrical energy) and very long product duration. Benefits: reuse of existing heating infrastructure that uses conventional power sources like: electrical current, solid materials, natural gas, etc.

panelni radijator sa toplotnom pumpomHeat pump with radiators.
Water temperature of 55 Celsius.
Ratio achieved: 3.5 times the electricity consumed.

Domestic water heating

Restaurants, hotels, sport societies are places where huge quantities of hot water is spent. Use of Heat Pumps in such cases is highly recommended because of great electrical energy saving, thus, great cost savings. Power efficiency can reach up to 4 times higher production of thermal energy than invested electrical energy, and working temperature from 50 to 60°C.

grejanja sanitarne vodeHot water heating system heat pump