Testing of the heat pump

With constant improvement of the innovative heat pumps Geotermika, we have produced a device with excellent performance. In order for these results to be proven, it was necessary to make an official measurement and testing of COP coefficient. In 2010. we decided to test Geotermika heat pump. Realizing that in Serbia there are very few credible institutions that could do such a complex task, we decided to cooperate with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade. The measurement was carried out under the supervision of a prominent professor PhD Đorđe Kozić who works at the Department of Thermodynamics, and one of his specialties are heat pumps. We are proud that the results achieved during the measurements showed that the heat pump Geotermika be ranked among the best European manufacturers of heat pumps. Geotermika's heat pump is the first and only heat pump tested in Serbia with the officially measured COP utility.

Masinski fakultet Beograd

Laboratory of Thermodynamics in which testing of the heat pump was done 
with GreenSmart geosonde.


prof Djordje Kozic i Dusan Maric

Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering PhD Đorđe Kozić 
calculating COP of heat pump Geotermika.


Merenje protoka vode ultrazvukom

PhD candidate Marko Jarić measure the flow with ultrasonic flow meter.


Merac protoka vode ultrazvukom
The ultrasonic flow meter accurately displays the values ​​of fluid (water).


Ultrazvucni Merac proticanja vode
Ultrasonic flow meter sensor is set to return line.


geotermika toplotna pumpa u laboratoriji
Testing station in Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade.
Laboratory of Thermodynamics.


geotermika u laboratoriji za termodinamiku
The modern design of the heat pump Geotermika.

Video recording of the testing heat pump Geotermika
in the laboratory, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering