What is a heat pump?

Heating systems based on Heat Pumps are in use since early twentieth century. First Heat Pumps were installed in 1932. in Tokyo (Japan). Heat pumps are also used in Zurich (Switzerland) for heating purposes of City Hall since 1938. Today millions of Heat Pumps are used for heating of houses and buildings all across Europe, Canada and United States. Systems based on Heat pumps are the most promising among all other alternative heating (and cooling) systems. It is the only system that produces more energy than it has received. 

how heat pump operates

Vlade zemalja Evropske unije zagovaraju korišćenje alternativnih i obnovljivih izvora energije ( gde primarno mesto zauzimaju toplotne pumpe ) iz sledećih razloga:

  • Huge energy savings.
  • Environmental protection.
  • Independent energy production in compare to other imported energy sources such as natural gas and oil.
  • No risks of conflagration.

National program of Serbian Government for energy efficiency and savings supports and promotes the use of Heat Pumps.


Dušan Marić talking about heat pumps on TV Pink